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  • What is a QR Code?

    A QR code is a matrix code (two-dimensional bar code) developed by Denso Wave. The abbreviation QR means quick response. The ability to recognize codes with scanning equipment makes it very popular in advertising, trade, manufacturing, and logistics. With the QR code you can encode any information, text, URL.

  • How to create a QR code?

    In order to create codes, our generator website enables you to experiment with words or sentenes for your website, services or business and the site will generate them into a code. Besides, you are able to print as many codes as you need right here, using Softbrik QR code generator, just click the button Print QR, after generating the code.

  • How to read or decrypt QR code?

    For reading the codes you will need just a smartphone with an open camera. Once the camera of your phone detects the QR code, it immediately will open the decrypted information in your browser. Softbrik Android and iPhone app for example are perferct way to relaibly read any QR Code.

  • How can I use QR Code for Work?

    You can use QR code for a variety of tasks including tracking objects or simplifying workflows involving assets. Softbrik for example lets you create QR codes that business customers can scan on products and give feedback or repeat sales order. QRs can also be used within a company to track and locate assets.